Honors and Awards - Spring 2020

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Honors and Highest Honors

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences


Senior Highest Honors: Francesco Parisi
  • Francesco has been a joy to have in the English Department with his cheerful and collegial spirit. He excels academically, but he also cares about the community.
  • Seniors: Robert Hill and Danielle Mercado

Liberal Studies

Senior Highest Honors: Madison Jones
  • Madison strives for excellence in everything she does and has been an inspiration to the FPU community.
  • Seniors: Isabella Naranjo and Samantha Diaz


Senior Highest Honors: Rachel Anderson
  • Rachel is an extraordinarily gifted philosopher and has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to critically and creatively navigate the spaces between her chosen vocation in medicine and philosophical reflection and ethics. From her regular coursework all the way to her original senior project work at the intersection of medical therapy and Nietzsche studies, Rachel has always brought thoughtful, authentic and analytically powerful reflection to everything she has done in philosophy. Rachel has a very bright future!
  • Seniors: Nathaniel Dyke and Peyton Kwalwasser


Senior Highest Honors: Samantha Diaz
  • Samantha is a remarkable student whose love for the Spanish culture was cultivated all along her life. She exemplifies the native student that relentlessly wants to know all about the fabric of a culture and the identity that is formed in it as her exemplary thesis testifies of it.
  • Seniors: Priscila Angulo and Marvin Santos

Biblical and Religious Studies

Senior Highest Honors: Tayler Franks
  • Tayler has undoubtedly contributed much to the FPU community and to the biblical and religious studies program. She has distinguished herself among her peers in her eagerness to acquire facility in not just one, but two biblical languages. Her diligence and trustworthiness have made her a top choice by program faculty when choosing teaching assistants to assist with high-enrollment courses offered by the program. Despite her obvious skill, Tayler remains humble, unassuming and always eager to help those around her. Her presence has been a gift to the program.

Contemporary Christian Ministries

Senior Highest Honors: Matthew Wilfong
  • Matt has exhibited excellence in his ministry preparation and academic work. He has demonstrated a willingness to think deeply and consider carefully God's actions and work in our world and how we might join God as ministers to others. Matt has shown a care for Scripture and for people that exemplifies our hopes for his future work in kingdom ministry.
  • Senior: Lily Wyse

Intercultural and Religious Studies

Senior Highest Honors: Hayley Colvard
  • Hayley combines great academic work with a love for cross-cultural studies and travel. She has participated in a number of study abroad trips, including Vietnam, India (twice!) and Costa Rica. She will certainly continue to enrich the lives of many others in her ongoing international work and studies.
  • Seniors: Samantha Witt and Lily Wyse


Senior Highest Honors: Morgan Schlesselman
  • Morgan has been a truly remarkable, with a strong claim to being the university’s most driven and dedicated student. While finishing her bachelor’s degree in only three years and undertaking a heavy load every semester, Morgan has maintained a near perfect GPA while also working for FPU and volunteering in her local community. Morgan will go on to great successes, and FPU Criminology will be proud of its association with this wonderful graduate.
  • Seniors: Jacob Brasel and Psalm Ocampo


  • Senior: Gabriella Quijano
Political Science
Senior Highest Honors: Kristopher Kusnierek
  • Kris is an outstanding individual, an Army veteran and scholar. He is principled and takes his academic work seriously, as well as being affable, flexible and he possesses a good sense of humor. He is a pleasure to mentor and engage in intellectual query. I’m confident he will continue to make meaningful contributions in his vocation.
  • Senior: Shawn Smith


Senior Highest Honors: Kianna Cobarruvias
  • Kianna is clearly one of the hardest working, thorough, ambitious and academically capable students I’ve had at FPU. She consistently produces excellent academic products, asks good questions in the classroom and cooperates well with others; a real pleasure to work with. Kianna has a very bright future ahead of her!
  • Senior: Meberate Brooks

Social Work

Senior Highest Honors: Michael Lipps
  • Michael is a model student in social work. He is highly committed to learning, adaptable to changing contexts and gets along well with all his peers. He collaboratively led the Student Social Work Club on campus this year, encouraging students inside and outside of the major to join in order to engage in community volunteering. He challenges himself to learn more and be a better social worker. This is further evidenced by his submission of a proposal to present on his undergraduate research at a professional conference this fall in Washington, D.C.
  • Seniors: Kevin Howland and Emily Jorge


Senior Highest Honors: Hannah Hinson
  • Hannah shows great enthusiasm and dedication to her studies as demonstrated in her continued excellent GPA. Hannah is a conscientious, hardworking student who always takes initiative in taking up any opportunity that may help her to improve herself. For example, she has taken on internships and built her own freelance graphic design business within the local community while an undergrad. We wish her every success with a career in graphic design.
  • Seniors: Carolina Mueller and Morgan Scheidt


  • Seniors: Alexa Heinrichs and Parker Lewis

School of Natural Science

Applied Mathematics

Senior Highest Honors: Megan Kroeker
  • It has been a pleasure having Megan’s eager, warm and effervescent personality these last years! She is the kind of student all teachers want more of. Beyond being a most capable student of advanced mathematics, she has been a blessing to her classmates as we work on projects and problems together. She will be missed, but somebody fortunate down the line will be getting Megan in this next stage of her life—all the best, Megan!
  • Senior Honors: Christina Tran


Senior Highest Honors: Israel Mendoza
  • Israel contributes greatly to class discussion. He provides leadership on many projects, including science research.
  • Senior Honors: Rachel Anderson

Environmental Science/Studies

Senior Highest Honors: Erika Enomoto
  • Erika is extremely gifted academically and contributes greatly to student life and service leadership.


Senior Highest Honors: Kelsey Lowrey
  • Kelsey’s positive influence and leadership within the math department and beyond will be missed. We look forward to hearing of her continued successes following graduation and are pleased to recognize her outstanding performance in her undergraduate years.


Senior Highest Honors: Chandler Maciel
  • Chandler is an outstanding student who is always well-prepared and engaged in his courses. He conducts research in a manner that many graduate students would envy. His ability to investigate and apply knowledge from the exercise science disciplines will serve him well as he pursues a career as a collegiate coach for endurance runners.
  • Senior Honors: Dario Aluisi and Guadalupe-Torrez

School of Business

Business Administration

Senior Highest Honors: Erika Enomoto
  • Students like Erika Enomoto assure us that God is here, the world is good and is safe in the hands of the next generation. Her exceptional intellect, integrity, organization and work ethic have brought her this honor, but she deserves honor on so many more levels. Her grace, godliness and humility radiate like purple off the lupines she loves. She is an earth warrior who cares deeply for the environment and creation care. She will graduate with a double major in management and environmental studies yet still made time to play in various FPU music ensembles on clarinet and handbells, contribute to FPU leadership such as Shalom Club and contribute service to her church in the nursery and food pantry. Her plans after graduation include mission work in Korea teaching English. It has been an honor to walk alongside her on her path at FPU and we look forward to seeing God’s plan for such an able servant as she, no doubt, will be.
  • Senior Honors: Logan Melton and Phillip Bratcher

Alpha Chi Induction - Spring 2020

  • Ceasar Angulo
  • Toby Bartlett
  • Sanne Brull
  • Kaitlyn Doolittle
  • Jack Foote
  • Tayler Franks
  • Katalina Garcia
  • Adam Krumpe
  • Gillian Lehman
  • Michael Mason
  • De’Jshon Maxwell
  • Garcia Veronica
  • Mendez Garcia
  • Carina Valdez
  • Eduardo Villar Arango
  • Megan Will

Harold Haak Academic Achievement Award

Catherine Jalomo

Highest GPA Award

Peyton Kwalwasser