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Summer 2021 Schedule

To provide time for faculty, staff, and students to effectively prepare, we are announcing our summer 2021 courses will continue in the same virtual format as our spring courses have been. Since our regional campuses and main campus are in four different counties, each of which has different local guidelines and maybe on different tiers in the state system, holding all summer courses virtually will allow for consistency at all campuses. We still plan to return to primarily face-to-face instruction on all campuses beginning in the fall semester.
Please see the below course schedule for undergraduate courses. This is for both traditional undergraduate and degree completion.

General Education and Elective Summer Classes 2021

Notes: All summer 2021 classes are online even where a campus location is indicated (FRA, FRB, NF, XNF, XVI) (A) indicates that the online course is asynchronous, i.e. NO regular meeting time (S) indicates that the online course is synchronous, i.e., has regular meeting times In cross-listed sections, DC sections are listed first and TUG sections second, e.g. XON10 (DC)/ON01 (TUG)

Session 1 DC (Accelerated) Only  
ART-111-Art AppreciationXON10Online (A)
ART-161-Art Around the WorldXON10Online (A)
BIB-314- Jesus and the Christian CommXON15Online (S)
BIOL-125-Introduction to BiologyXON10Online (A)
COM-109-Critical Thinking & CompXNF10Online (S)
COM-109-Critical Thinking & CompXON10Online (A)
COM-111-Academic WritingXON10Online (A)
COM-125-Interpersonal CommunicationXON10Online (A)
CP-150-University SuccessXON10Online (A)
ENV-160-Intro to Environmental ScienceXON10Online (A)
HIST-142-Western Civilization IIXON10Online (A)
LA-325-Emotional IntelligenceXON10Online (A)
LA-384-The Art of MotivationXON10Online (A)
LA-386-Increasing Personal EffectvnssXON10Online (A)
LA-405-Pathways in EducationXON10Online (A)
LIT-181-Exploring LiteratureXON10Online (A)
MATH-121-Mathematical Problem SolvingXNF10Online (S)
MATH-121-Mathematical Problem SolvingXVI10Online (S)
MATH-121-Mathematical Problem SolvingXON10Online (A)
MATH-137-Mathematics Concepts IIXON10Online (A)
MATH-250-Introduction to StatisticsXON10Online (A)
PHIL-101-Philosophy: The Big QuestionsXON10Online (A)
PHYS-151-Geology and Planet EarthXON10Online (A)
PSY-351-Child Growth and DevelopmentXON10Online (A)
PSY-441-Intro to Counseling TheoriesXON10Online (A)
SOC-351-Marriage and the Family XON10XON10Online (A)
Session 2 DC (Accelerated) Only  
ART-111-Art AppreciationXON20Online (A)
ART-161-Art Around the WorldXON20Online (A)
BIB-314-Jesus and the Christian CommXON20Online (A)
COM-342-Adv Acad Research & CompXON20Online (A)
CP-150-University SuccessXON20Online (A)
ENV-160-Intro to Environmental ScienceXON20Online (A)
HIST-122-Western Civilization IXON20Online (A)
LA-322-Disc Learning Mind Brain BodyXON20Online (A)
LA-324-memory Tools: Mind MapsXON20Online (A)
LA-325-Emotional IntelligenceXON20Online (A)
LA-325-Emotional IntelligenceXON21Online (A)
LA-383-Power of OptimismXON20Online (A)
LA-405-Pathways in EducationXON20Online (A)
MATH-121-Mathematical Problem SolvingXON20Online (A)
MATH-136-Mathematics Concepts IXON20Online (A)
PHIL-101-Philosophy: The Big QuestionsXON20Online (A)
PHIL-104-Critical ThinkingXON20Online (A)
PHYS-151-Geology and Planet EarthXON20Online (A)
PSY-119-General PsychologyXON20Online (A)
PSY-441-Intro to Counseling TheoriesXON20Online (A)
Session 1 TUG (Traditional) Only  
HIST-140-Modern CivilizationsFRB1Online (S)
Session 2 TUG (Traditional) Only  
Session 1 DC (Accelerated) and TUG (Traditional)  
BLIT-333-Biblical Literature: LukeXON10/ON01Online (S)
MIN-357-Christian Leadership/AdministnXON10/FRB1Online (S)
Session 2 DC (Accelerated) and TUG (Traditional)  
PE-126-Walking for FitnessXON20/ON01Online (A)
Sessions 1+2 DC (Accelerated) Only  
BIB-314-Jesus and the Christian CommXVI10Online (S)
MATH-250-Introduction to StatisticsXON11Online (A)
Sessions 1+2 TUG (Traditional) Only  
BLIT-310-Biblical Literature: GenesisFRA1(High Sierra Program)
HIST-120-Ancient CivilizationsFRA1Online (S)
HIST-130-Medieval/Early Modern CivilizationsFRA1Online (S)
WILD-300-Wilderness & the Liberal Arts (High Sierra Program)
Sessions 1+2 DC (Accelerated) and TUG (Traditional)  
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXNF10/NF01Online (S)
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXNF11/NF02Online (S)
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXON10/ON01Online (A)
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXON11/ON02Online (A)
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXON12/ON03Online (A)
BIB-314/300-Jesus and the Christian CommXON13/ON04Online (A)
CHEM-100 Introductory ChemistryXON10/ON01Online (A)
KIN-121/120-Concepts of WellnessXON10/ON01Online (A)
MUS-104/102-Music AppreciationXON10/ON01Online (A)
MUS-104/102-Music AppreciationXON10/ON01Online (A)
PHYS-106-Physical ScienceXON10/ON01Online (A)
PSY-119/120-General PsychologyXON10/ON01Online (A)
SOC-121/120-Introduction to SociologyXON10/ON01Online (A)

The Office of the Registrar enforces academic policy, maintains student records and protects the privacy and security of academic and personal information.  The Registrars’ office provides friendly customer service and knowledge to assist students in their academic pursuit. For all Registrar questions, please contact 559-453-2037.

Registrar Staff

Danielle Jeffress
Danielle Jeffress


Oversees all aspects of policy and procedure as it relates to the Office of the Registrar

Leadership Team

Photo of Thomas Cairns
Thomas Cairns

Associate Registrar

  • Evaluates graduate degrees
  • Coordinates grade processes
  • Oversees TUG support team

Photo of photo of Shondra Lemaster
Shondra Lemaster

Associate Registrar

  • Oversight of Articulation/Evaluation and Regional Registrar teams

Articulation and Evaluation Team

Human silhouette
Elbio Carballo

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • K-16 Pathway support
  • Evaluation support


Photo of Steven Estes
Steven Estes

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Articulation
  • Pathways
  • Transfer Evaluations

Human silhouette
Briana Freeman

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transfer Evaluations
  • Articulation Support

Operations Team

Photo of Tara Neufeld portrait
Tara Neufeld

Senior Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Classroom scheduling
  • Systems management for the Office of the Registrar

Human silhouette
Madison Pletz

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Customer Service

Human silhouette
Alex Simeone

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Catalog Editing
  • NSC Enrollment Submission
  • Special Projects

Student Support and Evaluation Team

Dustin Cabral portrait
Dustin Cabral

Registrar Coordinator

  • NCAA Certification 
  • TUG support
  • TUG retention

Photo of Photo of Emily Colvard
Emily Colvard

Registrar Coordinator

  • Graduate degree conferral
  • Graduate student support
  • Catalog support


Clint Harris portrait
Clint Harris

Registrar Coordinator

  • Evaluates and confers TUG degrees
  • TUG student support
  • ADT student support

Regional Team

Photo of Tracy Ekizian portrait
Tracy Ekizian

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transcripts Evaluations
  • Degree Evaluation and Posting
  • Enrollment Verifications

Human silhouette
Nina Gomez

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transcripts Evaluations
  • Degree Evaluation and Posting
  • Enrollment Verifications

Human silhouette
Alejandra Salwasser

Senior Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • VA School Certifying Official
  • Regional Campus Registrar Team Supervision