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With our 3-year bachelor’s degree programs, your path to graduation and your career is easier than ever. Take advantage of our redefined course schedule so you can graduate in 3 years instead of 4. More information is available for community college students with an Associated Degree for Transfer (ADT).

Financial Aid

With our new 3 semester year, you will end up paying less year over year on tuition and graduating earlier helps you start your career sooner accelerating your earning potential. Federal and State Financial Aid programs may be applied to summer classes paired with a special lower summer tuition rate.

Personalized Attention

Our 3-year bachelor’s degree programs ensure you’ll have the personalized attention necessary to graduate in 3 years. You’ll be set up with a dedicated advisor that will help you plan your schedule and discuss course options. Plus, with our small class sizes, your professors will know your name and walk alongside you both inside and outside the classroom.

Pathway to a Career

The programs you can finish in 3 years are meant to jumpstart you into highly sought-after careers like science or math teaching and several different sectors of business. Not only will you graduate early and start your job search sooner, but with dedicated professors with industry connections and the assistance of our Career Development and Experiential Learning Center, you’ll be equipped with the tools to start your dream career. Additionally, with our 3+1 STEM Teaching program, you can add 1 more year and begin your teaching credential in record time taking 1 year off the normal pathway.

Programs Available

*list of programs may be updated periodically

To learn more about our 3 year bachelor’s degree program contact us!

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