1. Talk to study abroad leaders, global education coordinator, program director, advisor, parents, and students who have studied abroad to find out which program/s best suit your academic and personal goals in studying abroad.
  2. Plan ahead! You should start planning your freshmen year if possible for a semester program and at least a year ahead if you are thinking about a summer study abroad. Apply for a U.S. passport well in advance. Learn more about the country and region you plan to study in so you will be well prepared.
  3. Once you know where and when you want to go, apply for the trip. The application process is on the study abroad site in the page describing each study abroad program.
  4. Have two faculty or staff persons use this form to evaluate your potential for a study abroad program. Alternatively, print out this evaluation form and give it to two faculty or staff to complete.
  5. Apply for grants/scholarships connected with your trip or more general ones available to anyone studying abroad.
  6. Attend the pre-departure and planning meetings for your trip. These are usually held in the Spring for the summer trips and Fall semester trips and in the Fall for the Spring semester trips.
  7. Plan your classes connected with the trip. Here is a list of classes that are usually connected with various trips. Talk to the trip leader to find out more specifics about what courses are connected with the trip you are planning to take.
  8. Once you’ve planned your classes complete the appropriate Academic Credit Use Agreement form. Click on the link below to download the form. Complete it, get the necessary signatures, and hand it in to the Registrar’s Office.
  9. Register for the classes connected with the study abroad program.
  10. Complete the following forms:
  11. Have a wonderful study abroad experience!