Social Work Faculty & Staff

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Pridjet Arikpo, B.S.W.

Academic Advisor — North Fresno

Butler was in the first graduating class of the BSW degree completion program in 2016 and is now giving back through advising students going through the program. She enjoys encouraging students to reach their goals. Butler is currently in the MFT program at Fresno Pacific Seminary.

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Jon Clark, D.S.W.

Associate Professor, Program Co-Director, Social Work & Social Welfare
North Fresno, Visalia and Merced campuses; Degree Completion Program


Interest areas

  • Child welfare
  • Adoptions
  • Immigration issues
  • Community organizing
  • Integration of faith and practice

Major teaching areas

  • Urban society and the welfare state
  • Social problems and public policy
  • Cultural competency in social work practice
  • Becoming a change agent

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Rebekah Gutierrez, B.A.

Administrative Assistant to Dr. Clark

Gutierrez helps with Moodle implementation of classes, work study verification for students, communication to adjuncts and students and a host of other tasks that makes her a valuable member of the social work team.

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Kizzy Lopez, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Social Work
North Fresno


Interest areas

  • Foster care
  • Research
  • Intersectionality of race and gender

Major teaching areas

  • Introduction to social science research
  • Thesis

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Sonia Medina-Pranger, L.C.S.W., P.P.S.C.

Assistant Professor
& Program Co-Director, Social Work
McDonald Hall 252


Interest areas

  • Child welfare
  • Mental health
  • Research
  • Integration of faith and practice

Major teaching areas

  • Research
  • Field experience
  • Social work practice

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Patricia Salas, M.S.W.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work


Interest areas

  • At-risk youth
  • Child welfare
  • Adoptions
  • School counseling

Major teaching areas

  • Integrative seminar
  • Foundations of social work practice
  • Social problems and public policy

Adjunct Instructors

  • Christina Agda, MSW, PPSC
  • Natalie Bolin, LCSW
  • Daniel Burns, LCSW
  • Donna Callahan, MSW
  • Addie Carr, MSW
  • Kariisa Carrasco, MSW
  • Raquel Carraway, MSW, PPSC
  • Caine Christensen, LCSW
  • Roxanne Farias, MS
  • Tonya Franklin, LCSW
  • Felicia Garza, MSW, PPSC
  • Janelle Goh, LCSW
  • Kalisha Grandison, LSCW
  • Stephanie Grant, DSW 
  • Anita Guerrero-Ortiz, MS
  • Erika Hernandez, MSW
  • Bethany Keep, LCSW
  • Edgar Manriquez, MSW
  • Lusia Martinez, MSW
  • Luis Melgoza, MSW
  • Felicity Moreno, L.C.S.W.
  • Darlene Murray, MPA, EdD
  • Amber Nichols, LCSW
  • Patsy Waderker-Perry, MSW, PsyD
  • Kevin Pranger, MA
  • Deshunna Ricks, MSW, DOL
  • Alistair Robertson, MSW
  • Courtney Sallam, MSW
  • Miriam Sallam, MSW
  • Saul Salinas, MSW
  • Eleanor Speakes, LCSW, PPSC
  • Alicia Zayas, LCSW