Degree Completion students with the necessary prerequisites and two years of professional experience can learn how to reflect upon and make meaning out of their previous learning experiences in order to create learning portfolios. Those portfolios may then be submitted for consideration of college credits up to a maximum of 30 units.


  • Gain college credit from your previous work or volunteer experiences
  • Taught by experienced and highly rated university faculty
  • Improve your college course skills
  • Work at your own pace and save money

Admission Prerequisites

  • 2 years post-secondary experience
  • Minimum 2.4 GPA
  • International students must have a passing TOEFL score

Application Requirements

  • Application form
  • $40 fee (fee is waived for those attending an information meeting)
  • Official high school transcripts or diploma
  • Official college transcripts
  • Recommendation form


  • COM 111 or equivalent


Upon completion of all GE requirements, you may be prepared to join one of several DC major programs and finish your bachelor’s degree: Liberal Arts, Early Childhood Development, Criminology & Restorative Justice Studies, Christian Ministry & Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Business Management, Social Work or Health Care Administration program. Program prerequisites may be completed during the 18-month schedule.


PLA 201 Prior Learning Theory

Choose one of the following:
PLA 203A Topics in Science
PLA 203B Topics in Business
PLA 203C Topics in Education
PLA 203D Topics in Visual and Performing Arts
PLA 203F Topics in Humanities
PLA 203G Topics in Religion
PLA 203J Topics in Social Sciences

A maximum of 30 units may be awarded for Advanced Placement exams, College Level Examination Program, International Baccalaureate exams, Military or ACE credit and Prior Learning Assessment combined.

A flat fee of $175 is charged each time a student registers for a PLA 203A-J course. The fee is not based on the number of credits awarded.

The number of earned units is determined by the faculty assessor. Grades for all courses will be awarded Credit or No Credit and are not included in GPA calculations. There is no guarantee that submitted PLA portfolios will earn any unit credits, since credits are assessed by students’ individual portfolio results. FPU will only consider credit for experiential learning in academic disciplines currently offered at the university by FPU subject-matter experts. The PLA 201 instructor-coordinator helps students determine qualified academic discipline areas. Students may submit PLA portfolios, receive instructive feedback, and then resubmit portfolios for reconsideration one time if needed. Further resubmissions are not available. Credit will also will be offered only once for a specific learning experience regardless of the earned credit source. Coursework is not allowable for remediation of a SAP status and must be completed no less than 15 weeks prior to graduation.

*There is no guarantee that PLA units are transferrable to another institution.

Financial Aid

Apply online at
Include Fresno Pacific University’s school code: 001253