Spring 2020 Recipients

School of Humanities, Religion & Social Sciences

Nzashi Seya Lumeya

Nzashi Seya Lumeya | M.A. in Peace Studies
Seya has deepened his Christian commitment and character in both his studies and his restorative justice work. When the Center for Peacemaking was without a permanent director, Seya ensured all programs operated smoothly and continued to develop relationships with other leaders.

Samantha Witt

Samantha Witt | B.A. in Biblical and Religious Studies
Samantha demonstrated her prophetic Christian faith when she served as president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and by serving Syrian Muslim refugees via Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministry and Neighborly Faith, a Christian organization committed to improving Christian-Muslim relations.

School of Natural Sciences

Catherine Jalomo

Catherine Jalomo | B.S. in Chemistry
A Paragon Scholar, Catherine majored in chemistry and was accepted with full funding to Ph.D. studies. She is a Hispanic first-generation college student who was highly engaged in campus service.

Kelsey Lowrey

Kelsey Lowrey | B.A. in Math
Kelsey’s leadership and service experience included being president of the FPU Student Government Association during her senior year. Very involved with her Mexican heritage, she plans to teach and get a Ph.D. in mathematics.

School of Business

Jenny Godinez

Jenny Godinez | MBA
Jenny was a bright student and is working with her husband to one day own their own lawn service business. She always has a positive attitude and is not afraid to ask questions from an appreciative perspective.

Adam Sabourin

Adam Sabourin | M.A. in Leadership Studies
Adam is a military veteran who studied at the Visalia campus. He manages an irrigation company and operates Vets With Wings, a nonprofit that empowers veterans struggling with combat-related conditions.

School of Education

Riley Fox

Riley Fox | M.A. in Special Education
After Riley graduated in 2013 with her B.A. in Liberal Studies, she completed a mild/moderate education specialist credential and now works as an education specialist at Aspen Valley Prep Academy, a Fresno charter school.

Nelson Vasquez

Nelson Vasquez | M.A. in School Counseling
Nelson combines a kind and even temperament with a hunger for knowledge. He devoted additional time at his fieldwork site to learn about career technical education, financial aid, college admissions, academic planning and student success.


Karina Hernandez

Karina Hernandez | M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy
Karina is an insightful clinician with an intuitive awareness of others’ needs. Self-motivated and courageous, she has a strong desire to learn and to apply her learning to her profession. Karina has impressive Scriptural knowledge and sees counseling as a ministry.

Brad Isaak

Brad Isaak | M.Div.
Brad showed his belief in interdisciplinary learning by taking courses from many areas of the seminary. As youth/small group pastor at Prodigal Church, Fresno, he combines his intellect with a desire to help contemporary, secular people find Jesus.